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The first and most obvious reason for railing is safety. Railing keeps people, especially young children, and pets from falling off a deck or other surface. However, railings also help with safety by providing people something to hold onto in dangerous conditions such as heavy winds, icing or snow, and rain. Rails can be especially useful for anyone with a disability, aiding them in safely negotiating their way through the space. The railing has practical benefits as well. For instance, it can be a place to leash a dog or to set a glass upon during conversation. They’re also great places for people to gather or to lean against while enjoying a nice view. In addition to that, the railing helps make good use of your space. For instance, when there is no railing, people (and furniture) will cluster around the center of a deck or the entryway to the home, leaving other spaces unused. With railing, you get more out of the space.

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How long will aluminum railing last?

Powder-coated aluminum railings are known as one of the most durable decking materials on earth, with some models capable of lasting 20 years or more. These strong and reliable pieces have been proven time after again by users who want something that will work for them long into their future!

Does aluminum need to be powder coated?

Powder-coating is a great way to protect aluminum from corrosion, especially in harsh environments where other metals might not be able. This process could also improve the metal’s wear resistance and change its color or finish for various effects!

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