Benefits of composite decking

Are you interested in installing new decking in your backyard? As you plan your dream deck, considering the type of materials you’ll use is an important factor in the process. Whether you’re creating a new deck or replacing an existing deck that has been worn, choosing the correct materials will ensure a beautiful appearance and long-lasting deck for many years of enjoyment.

Northwest Decks Plus offers expert advice and professional installation of all sizes, types, and shapes of decks, of various materials. Our decking installation technicians can help you determine which type of material is best for your unique deck needs.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking materials have been used since the 1980s to build long-lasting decks. Composite decking consists of wood fibers that are encased in plastic. Composite decking is comprised of recycled wood scraps and plastic. This type of decking material has continued to remain one of the most popular deck materials thanks to its many benefits. Composite decking is available in many grains and finishes, allowing homeowners flexibility in creating a visually appealing deck. 

Benefits of Choosing Composite Decking

Not sure if composite decking is for you? From longevity to super easy maintenance, there are many advantages of choosing composite decking over other decking materials. Below are some top advantages to consider:

Easy Maintenance

One reason many homeowners opt for composite decking is that it is extremely easy to maintain. As a homeowner, you’re likely to have a hundred other things pulling at your attention. When compared to traditional wood decks, composite is the perfect material for the homeowner looking for limited maintenance. Wooden decks require staining, painting, and regular upkeep.

When you opt for professional composite decking installation by Northwest Decks Plus, you’ll enjoy more time outside enjoying your deck and less time worrying about deck maintenance. Simply wash down your composite decking with soap and water to remove dirt and debris regularly.

The lifespan of Composite Decking

In addition to less maintenance, homeowners can make a smart investment when they choose composite decking for their backyard deck. The durable materials used in composite decking are intended to last, resisting mold and scratches. Unlike traditional wood decks which can crack, rot, or warp from insects and debris, composite resists damage and stays beautiful for years to come.

Enhance your Home Value

Investing in composite decking can help improve the value of your home. The average composite deck will last up to 30 years! This means homeowners selling their homes have an excellent selling point. Composite decking is a smart investment for homeowners who don’t want to know from replacement in 15 years.

While a composite deck may cost you more upfront than standard wood decking, the investment pays for itself over time. The average lifespan of a wooden deck is only 10 to 15 years, while a composite deck can last up to 30 with proper maintenance.

Color and Finish Options

Composite deck boards offer all the same finishes and colors as standard wooden deck materials, with realistic and faux-wood patterns. There are several grain patterns, color blends, and natural hues to choose from to create your dream backyard deck. Unlike wood decks, the composite decking will not need to be stained or painted.

Eco-Friendly from Recycled Materials

For the eco-conscious homeowner, composite decking makes a perfect choice. Instead of choosing wood, opt for deck materials that are made mostly from recycled materials to support our environment. Many composite decking companies utilize recycled plastic from plastic shopping bags, helping to reuse and eliminate waste.

Safe for the Family

Standard wooden decks can cause cracking or rollover time, which can be dangerous for your family. For families with pets or children, composite decking offers a safer alternative. Composite decking will not split or crack, helping to prevent everyday accidents that can occur outside. In addition, the coating on composite decking is non-slip, so you’ll benefit from an overall safe surface for your entire family.

Holding frequent barbecues or outdoor gatherings on your deck? Have a pool nearby? You’ll love the anti-rot and anti-slip properties of composite decking materials. Even better, the scratch-resistant properties of composite decking won’t get damaged by your dog’s paws!

Depend on Northwest Decks Plus for your Composite Decking Needs

Looking to invest in a quality and durable composite deck for your backyard? Contact us today at Northwest Decks Plus for a free estimate. We strive to offer affordable quotes to make composite decking a reality for families throughout our service areas.

Have questions about composite decking? Get connected with Northwest Decks Plus today to learn more about how we can help you build your dream deck. Our years of experience in deck building and professional installers specialize in the proper installation of composite decking to ensure you’ll fall in love with your new backyard deck.

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